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Date Title Genre BPM Preview
10/20/14 Beatfreakz - Peak Hour Party Break 8 (Tupac Mix DJ XXX Edit) Remixes -
10/20/14 Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (DJ Scooter Ladies Hype Redrum DJDX V-Edit) Remixes 80
10/20/14 Ne-Yo ft Juicy J - She Knows (Jordan Crisp Remix DJDX V-Edit) Remixes 70
10/20/14 Kendrick Lamar - I (Alan V Trans 100-122 DJDX V-Edit) (Lyrical) Transitions 122
10/20/14 Paula Deanda And Jump Smokers - Horns Blow (Shimmy Shimmy) (DJ XXX Clean AV Unofficial Remix) Remixes 100
10/20/14 Meghan Trainor - All About The Bass (PeteDown Clapapella DJDX V-Edit Remixes 134
10/20/14 Katy Perry - This Is How We Do (Perrys Eric Kupper Club Refix) (DJ XXX Edit) Remixes 124
10/20/14 TJR - Ass Hypnotized (DJ Smerk Acapella Intro-Dirty-Lya Video) Remixes 128
10/20/14 Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman (DMS Edit-Clean-Lya Video) Country 93
10/20/14 David Guetta ft Sam Martin - Lovers On The Sun (Komes Bounce Remix DJDX V-Edit) Remixes 128
10/20/14 Lady Antebellum - Bartender (Cool Kat xtended Mix Kev Allen Vid) Remixes 101
10/20/14 IAMSU! - I Love My Squad (Mixshow Edit) Mixshow Edits 96
10/20/14 Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga (Petedown Twerk Mix Reel V-Edit)HD Remixes 92
10/20/14 Chaka Khan & Rufus - Ain't Nobody (Disco mix) Disco 105
10/20/14 Chaka Khan & Rufus - Ain't Nobody (Frankie Knuckles Remix) Classic Club 105
10/20/14 Calvin Harris - Slow Acid (TV Track) T.V. Tracks 104
10/20/14 ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake - Tuesday (Mixshow) (Lyrical) Mixshow Edits -
10/20/14 Playa Limbo - Los Amantes (Private Remix) Latin 130
10/20/14 Yanfourd - Pirata De Amor (Dj Anthony Morales Percapella Dvj Marcos Cabrera) Latin 103
10/20/14 Willy Garcia - Una Bacana (Dvj Marcos Cabrera) Remixes 90
10/20/14 Amarfis Feat. Luis Vargas - Solamente Tu (DVDN) Latin 138 No preview
10/20/14 Amarfis Ft. Luis Vargas - Solamente Tu (DVDN) Latin 138
10/20/14 Los Tigres Del Norte - La Mesera (Dvj 3b) Latin 92
10/20/14 Kabah - Te Necesito ( Master Lujan Remix Videoedit Pinky ) Latin 129
10/20/14 Cristian Chavez Ft Anahí - Libertad (Club Mix) Latin 128
10/20/14 La Arrolladora - Siempre Estas Tu (Cesar Vilo Remix) Latin 98
10/20/14 Los Korronchos - Chiquilla cariñosa (Dvj 3b) Latin 100
10/20/14 Cartel De Santa - Me Alegro De Su Odio (DVDN) Latin 70
10/20/14 Buxxi Ft Juan Magan - Te Quiero Conmigo (Dvj Marcos Cabrera) Latin 125
10/20/14 Grupo Control - Cumbia Con La Luna (DJ Explow Rmx V edit Pinky) Latin 108
10/19/14 MixBreaks - Dvdj Reel - Music You Can See 284 (EDM) 16 mins Megamixes -
10/19/14 Tom Jones - Shes A Lady (Team Banzai Remix) (Andy7) Disco 128
10/19/14 MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (AtWill Redrum Reel V-Edit) 80's/90's Rap 135
10/19/14 Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two (AtWill ReDrum Uptempo Reel V-Edit) 80's/90's Rap 120
10/19/14 Keisza - Hideaway (El Dusty Trap Remix Lya Video) Trap 72
10/19/14 E-40 ft T-Pain & Kid Ink & B.O.B. - Red Cup (J. Luquin Trans 120-100 DJDX V-Edit) Transitions 100
10/19/14 Cedric Gervais Ft Coco - Through The Night (Perry Edit) (DJ XXX SFW Edit) Remixes 125
10/19/14 Cedric Gervais Ft Coco - Through The Night (Perry Edit) (DJ XXX NSFW Edit) Remixes 125
10/18/14 Beatfreakz - Dirty Peak Hour Party Break 07 (Hip Hop to Electro) (DJ XXX Edit) Megamixes -
10/18/14 Wiz Khalifa Ft Snoop And Ty Dolla - You & Your Friends (DJ XXX xtend Lyric AV Edit) Heavy Rotation 97
10/18/14 Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On (Mayeda Remix Lya Video) Hot 90's Hits 100
10/18/14 Otis Day and The Knights - Shout (AtWill Redrum Animal House Wedding Crashers Reel V-Edit) HD 1970's 132
10/18/14 Calvin Harris - Slow Acid (Tombs Moombahton Remix) Remixes 110
10/18/14 J-Kwon - Tipsy (Rukus 2014 Remix Lya Video) Remixes 95
10/18/14 Ne-Yo ft Juicy J - She Knows (Dj Rukus 100-70 Trans DJDX V-Edit) Transitions 70
10/18/14 Ludacris - Stand Up (Quickie Acc Intro Lya Video) Quick Hits 99
10/18/14 Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (PeteDown Trans 130-82 DJDX V-Edit) Transitions 82
10/18/14 Journey - Don't Stop Believin (AtWill Redrum Reel V-Edit) Hot 80's Hits 121
10/18/14 Kenny Loggins - Footloose (AtWill Redrum Reel V-Edit) HD New Wave 90
10/18/14 Kool & The Gang - Celebration (AtWill Redrum Reel V-Edit) Disco 124
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Top 30 Downloads
1: E-40 ft. T-Pain, Kid Ink, B.o.B - Red Cup2: Pharrell Williams ft. Daft Punk - Gust of Wind3: Ne-Yo ft. Juicy J - She Knows4: Beyonce feat Nicki Minaj - Flawless (DJ XXX AV Remix) HD5: T-Pain - Drankin' Patna (Lyrical)6: Piss Breaks - Classic Rock Mega Mix (DJ Ron King) 16 mins7: Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz - Burnin' Up8: Blackstreet - No Diggity (Mayeda Twerk Remix Lya Vid)9: Halloween Visuals (Kev Allen HALLOWEEN Visuals)10: Mila J ft. Ty Dolla $ign - My Main11: R3hab & Vinai - How We Party (CVB Party Starter DJDX V-Edit)12: Beatfreakz - Dirty Peak Hour Party Break 04 (Fame x Frame Edit)13: Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo ft. Kid Ink - Delirious (Boneless)14: Beatfreakz - Peak Hour Party Break 01 (Fame x Frame Cln Edit)15: Earth, Wind And Fire - Lets Groove (GenX Disco Reworks Kev Allen Vid)16: T.I. - No Mediocre (Noodles Twerk Rmx Steve1der Bad Girl Clap Int Lya Vid)17: Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It (Partybangaz-Clean-Lya Video)18: Beatfreakz - Dirty Peak Hour Party Break 05 (DJ XXX Edit)19: Marcia Griffiths - Electric Slide (DJ Scooter Redrum Lya Vid)20: Ariana Grande ft Zedd - Break Free (OG To Bounce Flip DJDX V-Edit)21: Beatfreakz - Peak Hour Break 03 (DJ XXX Edit)22: Pitbull ft John Ryan - Fireball (Vinni Soul & Zea SMASH! Bootleg DJDX V-Edit)23: Far East Movement ft. Sidney Samson - Bang It To The Curb24: TLC - No Scrubs (DJ Coz Fancy Blend-Clean-Lya Video)25: Jimmy Fallon Ft. Will I Am - Ewww (Kevin Allen Xtend AV Edit)26: Prince Royce - Nada (Dj C Percapella) (Dvj Marcos Cabrera)27: Sean Paul vs Will Sparks - Get Busy Aw Yeah (Melbourne bounce)28: Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (DJ CJ ReDrum Reel V-Edit)29: US 3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (Victamone Edit Lya Video)30: Plan B - Mi Vecinita (Percapella) (Dvj Marcos Cabrera)