Price List

Membership Price Credits Buy Now
Silver $19.95 40
Gold $49.95 120
Platinum $99.95 300
Black $149.95 650

Note: If your Payment is Canceled or Held by Paypal, the system will lock you out until your payment clears.

Pricing Policy

Please Select Your Membership (Black, Platinum, Gold, Silver).

There are 2 options to make a Payment; You can either use Direct Credit Card option or Paypal option.

Click Buy Now to purchase credits using "Paypal" or if you don't like PayPal, use the direct Credit Card Link (Click on Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover).

After Making your payment, you will instantly be able to download.

1 credit = 1 Video title. 1 title MAY include a combination of clean, dirty, instrumental, acapella, extended, remix OR may include all versions.

Silver Package credits are only good for 1 Month from the date of purchase. Gold Package is good for 2 months. Platinum Package is good for 6 months and Black Package is good for 1 year.

If you run out of credits before the time period is over or you wish to upgrade, you may do so. The credits will automatically be added to your account and the system will maintain count on each purchase and adjust your expiration date.

Your membership subscription automatically renews every; month (Silver) or 2 months (Gold Package) or 6 months (Platinum Package) or 1 Year (Black Package) from your initial date of payment. Your membership renews depending on the package you chose. If you chose a 1 month pariod, it will renew in a month. If you chose a 2 month period, it will renew in 2 months etc.

You are not under a contract and any DJ may cancel their membership at anytime.

If you wish to opt out of auto subscription, you can cancel before your next billing cycle due date. you will need to manually cancel membership to prevent automatic billing by taking the following simple steps (Applies to Paypal users ONLY)

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Go to your Profile, More Options
  3. Go to My Money
  4. Find My Preapproved Payments and click on Update
  5. Find the merchant whose recurring payment you want to terminate
  6. Click Details and cancel the recurring payment

If you are paying using Direct Credit card, please send us an email and we will gladly assist you with cancelling your auto payments.