Frequently Asked Questions


You will find a lot of answers to your questions here. Please read through this page before you contact us for further assistance.


Q. Finding A Particular Video?

A. The "SEARCH" feature is your best friend on this website. Use it. They're many ways to search. Example: if you are trying to find Michael Jackson - Thriller, simply type in "Keyword"  Michael or Jackson or Thriller or Thrill or the entire name or just 2 keywords to sharpen your search results.


Q. What Do The Color Codes in the Catalog Mean?

The color codes simply help you navigate the catalogs faster.

Red Color Track Means you already downloaded the track.

Blue Color Track Means you have already previewed the track.

Yellow Color Track Means you have saved the track to your wishlist to download later.


Q. How Do I Download?

A. As long as you have points (Credits), simply click on the download link (C, D, I, X, A) to start downloading. You cannot see the download links until you log in as a member. You will need to have Points/Credits to see the download links.


The wishlist is a cue list where you can add tracks to download at a later stage when you have enough credits on your account. For Example; you may have 10 credits left on your account but you want to download 12 tracks, you simply save (add) the 2 tracks to wishlist and later when you purchase or have enough points, you may go back to "My account" click on "Wishlist" and do quick downloads without searching the catalogs. All tracks you add to your Wishlist will turn the color YELLOW

Q. How Do I Get Free Credits/Points?

You can get free credits by promoting our Service to new DJ's/VJ's. Each DJ you recommend and signs up gets you 4 free credits. Click on "My Account" then click on "Free Credits". You will find a Referral Link which you may pass out to your friends. All they have to do is sign up and get membership to get you your free credits.


Q. What’s a 12 inch Pack?

A. Just like a 12 Inch Record (Vinyl) comes in different versions of the same song, Our Music Videos come in 12 inch versions of the same song. The 12 inch video pack MAY contain a Clean Version, A Dirty Version, An Instrumental version, An Extended Version and an A Cappella version.


Q. What Do I Get For Each Credit or Point?

A. 1(One) Credit = 1 Track. For 1 credit you can download all versions of the track (C,D,I,X,A) available at no extra charge. You may Download Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, Xtend, Acapella versions for all tracks in that Row for 1 Credit.

Q. What Happens if I have a Network misconnection, My Hard drive crashes or I lose all my downloads?

A. You have 3 trials on any video at no extra charge. If you lose your video, please attempt your download again at no charge to your credits. To locate all your previous downloads, on the main MENU click on "My Account" then click on "Downloads". In this section, you can download all your lost files for FREE at no charge to your credits.

Q. How Much Music Does VJ Street Provide?

A. We make available at least 10-20 or more music videos Everyday. We break the music before you can get it from anywhere else.

Q. How do i know which song i’m trying to download?

A. All our videos can be previewed before downloading to save you time. Any video title you download will turn the color RED.

Q. Why do some Tracks in the catalogue listing appear the color RED?

A. You have already downloaded the RED Tracks in the past.

Q. How do I go about subscription?

A. Please click on the "Pricing" link and choose the package that best suits your VJ budget.

Q. How Long Does My Subscription Last?

Silver Packages are good for 1 Month. Gold is good for 2 Months, Platinum Packages are good for half a year, and Black Package is good all year.

Q. Do My Points Carry Over to the next month?

A. YES They Do as long as you renew them before the expiration period. You will receive an automated email 5 days before your credits expire.

Q. Supposing I Run Out Of Credits?

A. If you run out of credits before the 30 days, 60 days e.t.c are up, you may renew your account credits simply by buying more. Anytime you buy credits, your package automatically renews.

Q. Why Am I Getting Problems Downloading?

A. You Probably don’t have credits on your account to get all the videos you are attempting to download. Remember, 1 credit equals 1 download. If, for example you have 10 credits left on your account and try to download 12 videos, you will not be successful. Also your network or computer may be disconnected, busy or overloaded. Please close all unwanted programs and try again.

Q. I Cannot See The Download Links?

A. You are probably not logged in or have no Credits. As long as you have Credits, simply click on the download links (C, D, I, X, A) to start downloading.

Q. Who can Register with your service?

A. You have to be a working DJ/VJ to register with our service. We verify all information and run random checks to protect you and our service license. We DO NOT service BROADCAST VJ's

Q. How do I submit music?

A. You may submit your music by clicking on the “Upload” tab. YOU MUST BE a Record Label Representative or an ASCAP, BMI, RIAA, SESAC registered artist. Please Include all your contact Information and your preferred RELEASE DATE, also include the Artist Information, Name of Video, Audio for the video (clean, dirty, instrumental, a cappella) and any other information you would like to include in your package.

Q. I signed in, what do I do now?

A. Click on a song to preview, it will play in the video window for approximately 1 minute, if you like the song, proceed to download it. Each song title counts as one credit.

Q. What if I can’t find the video i’m looking for?

A. You can do 2 things, Again, First, try using the “SEARCH” feature. type in the title of song and search. Secondly, you may send us your request by email so we can make it available for you.